Pompeo: Hong Kong No Longer Warrants Special Treatment Compared to Mainland China

On Thursday, China’s legislature passed national security, anti-sedition laws that will affect Hong Kong in such a way as to suppress protests against the central government. In anticipation of the widely publicized move, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said yesterday that Hong Kong “does not continue to warrant” special US treatment as compared to mainland China.

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Benefits Of Concrete Resurfacing: When To Get It Done?

Are the concrete surfaces looking dull, old and worn out? Whether it is the indoor or outdoor, the concrete surfaces can get dirty, old and worn out after a certain point of time due to regular usage. To make it look fresh and new again, you can give it a concrete resurfacing service. Old worn out concrete surfaces can affect the aesthetic beauty of your house, be it indoor or outdoor. Hence, having the best concrete resurfacing service in OKC can help you to get the beauty of your home back. If you are wondering what the benefits are and when to get it done, read on.

When to get concrete resurfacing done?

After some years of regular or daily use, the concrete surfaces can wear out. It can even get cracks, look old and dirty. This can make your pathways, driveways, patio etc. look really bad. Aesthetic beauty is one of the main concerns of most of the household owners. They will always want to keep their house look beautiful and new-like. If you want to make sure that the concrete of your house (outdoor or indoor), look perfect and seamless, then resurfacing is the only solution. If you notice any cracks or dirt or erosion in the concrete surface, this is high time for you to get it fixed.

Benefits of concrete resurfacing

1. It is economical

One of the most important benefits of doing your concrete resurfacing is that it can make your house look new-like but without breaking your bank account. It is super economical in nature. This is the ultimate solution to fix the worn out and cracked concrete. It is also cost efficient in nature and can last for a long time.

2. Can be done on your own

The concrete resurfacing is a simple thing which is quite easy to apply. This can also save a lot of time. You can DIY this and level up the concrete surface to give it a smooth and seamless texture. This can save your money too.

3. Different colors or designs

The best part of the concrete resurfacing is that you will be able to choose different designs or colors for the area. You do not have to stick to the same old boring color. You can change the color as well as the design of the concrete while resurfacing it to give a new revised look to your home.

4. Increases resilience

The concrete resurfacing can also help in improving the resilience of the surface from the future wear and tear. Once the surfacing is done and it is dried properly, you can again use it like the way you used to. It will also increase the resistance towards the stains, imperfections and tire marks.

Final Words

The concrete resurfacing service is available in OKC. If you do not want to do it on your own or you do not have the time, you can choose the best service for that. There are many options available in OKC from where you can choose the best and the most experienced concrete resurfacing service.

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Palestinians Warn Israel Of “Serious Consequences” Over West Bank Annexation

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) warned Israel on Wednesday of “serious consequences,” if the Jewish state continues its attempts to annex parts of the West Bank and Jordan Valley. “There would be consequences for this measure on the economic and political Palestinian-Israeli relationship,” said PLO Secretary-General Saeb Erekat.

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