Traditional Media Planning: Does It Still Hold A Place?

Long before the internet came and emerged as a powerful platform or a form of media, traditional media were the ones that were used for marketing and advertising. Some of the examples of traditional media are TV, print, radio etc. Though the internet is dominating, the traditional media are still holding a huge place. The traditional media planning has evolved a lot in different ways in the past few years. Many people think that it has lost its space in the recent marketing scenario. But that is not the case. Read on to know more about it.

Why is traditional media planning important?

The main fundamental purpose of the media planning is to asses and determine the best and the most effective way to convey a message to the target audience. The media plan sets in very systematic process. As much as social media marketing and other forms of digital marketing are evolving. The traditional media marketing forms are also evolving. The traditional media planning is important to target the audiences who are listening to radio, watching TV or read newspapers and magazines.

If a person is watching a particular show, the target audiences can be estimated based on the popularity of the show. The businesses who want to target that set of audience and buy a slot during that time to display their ads. Also the traditional media planning depends on the type of magazines. Of course, no designer will showcase their ads in any business magazines. So, the traditional media planning is equally important to understand when and how you should target the audiences.

Pros and cons of traditional media

As the traditional media come with lots of benefits, it also comes with many drawbacks. There are some of the important benefits and limitations that you have to keep in mind:


  • Immediate impact on a huge number of people
  • Can build awareness in a fraction of second
  • Comes with geographical flexibility
  • Radio can create local presence
  • Adds value to the advertisements
  • Selective audience for better targeting
  • Detailed descriptions and demo


  • Too many ads at the same time causing clutter
  • Restrictions in competitiveness
  • Can be quite expensive
  • Takes longer lead times

Keeping all these in mind, you need to plan the traditional media marketing in such a way that it can create maximum lead. When planning for the traditional media marketing, you have to do a lot of research regarding the audiences and how much they can have an impact.


There are some of the best traditional media planning & buying strategies that you can use to plan for best outcome. If you want to get the right amount of exposure and utilize the traditional media to the fullest, then you need to understand that hiring a professional traditional media planner is the wisest decision that you can take. You need to know and understand that you are not here for any risk. In this competitive market, you have to get things straight and you need to hire the best one for that.

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Planning To Choose An Advertising Agency – Some Food For Thought

Even if you have fund constraints, there is no doubt that you would like to spend a big chunk of money on advertisements because of obvious reasons. You would like more number of prospective customers to know about your products and services and also you would want the existing customers to stay loyal to your brand. This will get reflected in your sales and revenues and your bottom lines will also look that much better. But all this is possible only when you have the right advertisement strategy in place. To make this possible, you need to spend, time, money and effort and choosing the right advertising agency in Oklahoma City. With so many agencies and media companies out there vying for their slice of the cake, the job is not easy. We are, therefore, happy to list down a few important tips that we believe could be useful in making the right choice as far as identifying and hiring these agencies are concerned.

Look For Somebody Who Encourages Change

It is important that you should be working with a team that is in line with your thinking process. Further, they should not be just willing to say okay to whatever you might propose to them. They are supposed to be professionals and therefore you must look for an agency that is ready to bring in change, without, however, tampering on the continuity wherever needed. This is a tough job and only those with the right kind of experience and expertise would be able to do it.

Look At The Way They Market Themselves

A good advertising agency is only as good as they are able to market them in a tough and competitive market place. Hence, it would not be a bad idea to look at the way in which these advertising agencies market their services, their brand, and the products that they offer. You should look at their digital marketing in OKC track record, their social media presence and also the way in which they are able to handle search engine optimization and other such things. This certainly will come in very handy and will help you to separate the grain from the chaff. This is not an easy job and takes some time and effort but it is worth it because of some obvious reasons.

Do They Have Measuring Yardsticks

Modern agencies are known for being a combination of talent and science. Hence, you must look to hire only those agencies that are not afraid of measuring their success. They should be willing to measure the efficacy or otherwise of the advertisements that they have come out with on behalf of their clients. Such evaluation and measurement will be a win-win situation both for the agencies and their customers. Necessary corrective actions can be taken based on such measurements and evaluations. Therefore, this point must always be borne in mind when it comes to hiring these professionals.

Are They Adaptable

The ability to change advertisement content, mode of advertisement and other such attributes are important qualities that separate the good from the not so good. They should be ready to change tack without too much of wastage of time because of the highly competitive market scenario.

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