Choosing Women’s Golf Skirts – A Guide

With so many options available, finding a women’s golf skirt that is functional and trendy at the same time may not seem like a tough job. But almost all golf clubs in America have a specific dress code for the clubhouse and the course. Besides, in order to have the best game or be comfortable while learning to be a pro, you need a golf skirt that can improve your performance.

So, now you can see that there are many things that you need to consider when buying a golf skirt. To make sure that you end up buying the right one for you, a buying guide has been provided next for your better understanding:

Buying guide for women’s golf skirt

Choosing the length

Before buying a golf skirt, the first thing that you need to consider is the length of it. If you are heading to clubs in California, San Francisco or South Carolina, then in most cases your skirt length must fall below you knee. On the other hand, there are other clubs which require the skirt length to go pass your fingertips (when standing straight up). The club’s official site will hold all information about the specific dress code, and you should research well before spending your money if you are planning to wear it there. Usually, brands loved by eminent American women golfers have skirt of different length to choose from, and the average length is generally 16-inches. You need to buy the right length to make sure you can enjoy golf without any embarrassing incident.

Choosing the material

Even though, golf is not an active sport like tennis or basketball, yet you need to have breathable fabric. Besides, the skirt should be made with good quality materials that do not restrict your movement. The most common materials used to make golf shirts for women are cotton-polyester, polyester, cotton, nylon and such others. They all come with their very own set of advantages. However, some brands are known for making golf skirt with special-made materials that can improve your performance while wicking away moisture. There are even some brands that make their skirt with special materials to provide optimized airflow and UV rays protection. Thus, when buying a skirt, do look for these special features to get the best out of them.

Choosing the design

The most popular colors are black, blue or khaki. Even though these colors can provide a classic look, yet they restrict golfers to showcase their unique style and personality. So, currently women golf clothes are available in different colors, patterns and designs. They even come with logos, buttons, pockets, contrasting trim, embroidery work and other such Instagram-worthy details. When buying such trendy skirts, do make sure that they won’t be rejected by the club and these details do not restrict your movement or ruin your gameplay.

Golf Skirt tips you need to know

Yes, choosing according to the list provided above will help you find an appropriate golf skirt. However, there are some tips about golf skirts that you need to know:

  • You can wear spandex or tights underneath your golf skirt to stay warm during the colder months. So, invest in a good tight/spandex as well that compliments your skirt.
  • Most department stores have a large collection of women’s golf attire. The best thing about their collection is that they are sold at cheaper price without compromising the quality and fit of the skirts. Research well before investing.
  • Follow the washing and drying instruction provide by the manufacturer to maintain the shape, elasticity and fit of the skirt. Before investing in a golf skirt, make sure that they can be machine-washed/hand-washed to make your looking after them easier.
  • If you feel uncomfortable in skirts yet love the style, then go for golf Skorts which is combination of skirt and short.

There you have it, a buying guide to choose the best women’s golf skirts for your need and preference. So, what are you waiting for? Use what you learnt today to get your hands on a “hole-in-one” women’s golf skirt.

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