Stem Cell Donation – How It Works

We all are well aware of stem cell donation term. If you are planning to donate stem cells then you will have to go to your doctor and discuss them about the procedure. You will have to allow your doctor to draw bone marrow stem cells from the blood or bone marrow in order to make transplantation. Now you may have the question that why people want to donate stem cells? It is possible that there is someone whom they love so much and for them they want to donate their stem cell. Apart from this, there are so many kind hearted people who love to help the other human who need this bone marrow or stem cells.

How stem cells are collected?

Stem cells are collected in three different ways. These are such as follows:

  • Bone marrow
  • Peripheral stem cells
  • Umbilical cord blood

Bone marrow stem cells

This process may also call bone marrow harvest. It will be done in the operating room under proper surveillance. The donor has to undergo general anaesthesia. The marrow cells are generally taken from the hip portion of donor or you can say the pelvic area. The donor has to lie down and the large needle is put through the skin and into the back of the hip portion. Liquid bone marrow is put out from there. The amount of the bone marrow totally depends on the body weight of the donor. After taking out the bone marrow, the body will replace it within 4 to 6 weeks.

The donor may face soreness, bruising and aching at the back for some days. So, you can see that bone marrow donation is a surgical procedure.

Peripheral blood stem cells

In this process, the donor needs to take daily base injection before starting or going through the donation procedure. The growth factor drug can make the bone marrow and release a lot of stem cells into the blood. After several shots, the blood is removed and put in a large vein in the arm. Then the machine will separate the stem cells from other blood cells.

This process of donating cells for you is as similar as donating for someone else. But you should also remember one thing that chemotherapy may use before using the filgrastim.

Umbilical cord blood

This cord blood is a blood that left in placenta and the umbilical cord just after the baby’s born. It does not affect the health of the infant. The cord blood is collected in a sterile container and it puts with the help of preservative.

If you want to donate stem cells then you should talk to your doctor immediately. The possible risk and related procedure will be discussed there. You will have to do some tests in order to match your details with the recipients. You will not get perfect recovery time. The recovery times will depend on the individual and type of donation. But there are many blood cell donors who return their regular life after the donating procedure.

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