Gaza will turn ‘deep red’ if Israel is attacked, ‎defense minister warns

(Worthy News) – According to the Israeli military, some 7,000 ‎Palestinians took part in border demonstrations. ‎Troops opened fire to ward off rioters who threw ‎rocks and firebombs ‎and rolled burning ‎tires at the security fence in ‎attempts to sabotage ‎it.‎

On Friday, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman ‎visited Kibbutz Or Haner, some 3 kilometers (1.8 ‎miles) from Gaza. ‎

‎”If we have Color Red here, Gaza will turn deep ‎red, too,” Lieberman said, referring to the rocket warning system that operates across ‎the western Negev.‎ [ Source: Israel Hayom (Read More…) ]

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