Intel chips have major security flaws, billions of devices affected

(Worthy News) – Billions of devices might be at risk after researchers found two security flaws inside Intel chips that allow hackers to enter processors and steal sensitive data.

Intel chips have been installed in devices since 1995 and the researchers said every device now contains those security flaws. But the flaws aren’t limited to personal devices. Cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform may also be affected.

The two bugs are called Meltdown and Spectre, with the latter being potentially more widespread.

“Almost every system is affected by Spectre,” researchers said in a report. “Desktops, laptops, cloud servers, as well as smartphones. More specifically, all modern processors capable of keeping many instructions in flight are potentially vulnerable. In particular, we have verified Spectre on Intel, AMD and ARM processors.” [ Source: UPI (Read More…) ]