Iran-backed Yemen rebels expose limits of U.S. strategy

(Worthy News) – Iran-backed militant control over key areas of Yemen, despite a blistering assault by U.S.-backed Saudi and Emirati military forces, has sent a difficult message to Washington: Arab powers armed with American weaponry and targeting intelligence isn’t going to be enough to crush Tehran’s armed proxies around the Middle East.

The White House must grapple with this reality as it pushes Gulf Arab allies to play a central role in carrying out President Trump’s promise to confront and rein in Iranian meddling in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen, regional analysts say.

The limits of Washington’s approach, some national security sources say, are clearest in Yemen, where Saudi and Emirati forces launched a relentless assault last month on the strategic port city of Hodeidah that was supposed to deal a backbreaking blow to the Iran-backed Houthi insurgency. [ Source: Washington Times (Read More…) ]

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