Massive winter storm set to slam Northeast

(Worthy News) – After dumping rare snowfall on parts of the southeastern coast, a powerful winter storm is set to hammer the Northeast with up to 12 inches of snow and strong winds. By the end of this week, parts of the Northeast will be colder than Mars.

Thirteen states from South Carolina to Maine are under a winter storm warning as a massive bombogenesis begins wreaking havoc Thursday. Forecasters say the Northeast states will see threatening hurricane-force winter wind gusts and blinding snow.

The bombogenesis — an area of rapidly declining low pressure — will result in what’s known as a “bomb cyclone,” which happens when a cyclone has a big drop in atmospheric pressure over a short period of time.

Bomb cyclones can draw colder air in from the North, which can blast areas in the northern hemisphere with icy temperatures. [ Source: Local 10 News (Read More…) ]