Pastor Brunson Faces Outlandish Charges in Turkish Court

(Worthy News) – On Wednesday American pastor Andrew Brunson—unjustly detained in a Turkish prison for almost 20 months—will appear in court. Turkish judges refused to release him after his previous two hearings on April 16 and May 7.

The 62-page indictment against Brunson, a muddled collection of conspiracy theories spinning mundane details of the pastor’s life into terrorist acts, was unsealed only a month before the first hearing. In the indictment, the Turkish prosecutor relies on ludicrous accusations from three secret witnesses and a convicted murderer to allege that the pastor carried out felonies on behalf of two terrorist organizations as well as military espionage.

Here are 12 outrageous accusations the Turkish court leveled against Brunson in the most absurd court case in the country’s history. [ Source: World Magazine (Read More…) ]

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