Planned Parenthood Loses Legal Battle Over Trump’s Title X Family Planning Rules

(Worthy News) – A federal judge has thrown out a legal challenge filed against the Trump administration by Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups challenging proposed changes to Title X grant funding for low-income family planning programs that critics say prioritize faith-based groups and organizations that promote sexual abstinence.

On Monday, United States District Court Judge Trevor McFadden in Washington, D.C. ruled against three Planned Parenthood groups and the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association by deciding that the courts have no place in reviewing “substantive objections to a non-final agency action” and can’t “require formal rulemaking for a change in agency procedure.”

The ruling comes as the organizations filed separate lawsuits earlier this year after the administration proposed changes to the federal Title X family planning grant program that establishes new guidelines for how the Department of Health and Human Services reviews applications for grant funding under Title X. At least $260 million is available to fund Title X grant projects. [ Source: Christian Post (Read More…) ]

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