Russian FM: 5 Russians killed in US Syria strike

(Worthy News) – The Russian Foreign Ministry says five Russians have been killed in a U.S. strike in Syria, the first official recognition of Russian deaths in the incident that has threatened to further strain Russia-U.S. ties.

The ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, told Thursday’s briefing that five Russian citizens were killed in the U.S. strike in the eastern Deir el-Zour province, adding they were not military personnel. The Feb. 7 clash marked the first time Russian combatants in Syria died in a U.S. strike – the long-feared clash Moscow and Washington long has sought to avoid.

Until Thursday, both Russian and U.S. officials said they had no information on Russian losses in the clash, which came when pro-government forces attacked positions of the U.S.-backed Syrian Kurdish fighters and faced a ferocious U.S. counterattack. [ Source: Washington Times (Read More…) ]