Trump attorney Jay Sekulow blames ‘bad information’ for faulty statement on Trump Tower meeting

(Worthy News) – President Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow said that he had “bad information” and made a “mistake” when he denied last summer that the president had any role in crafting a statement about Donald Trump Jr.’s June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower with a Russian lawyer offering dirt on Hillary Clinton.

During an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” Sekulow was pressed on the topic days after the New York Times obtained and reported a letter the Trump legal team wrote to special counsel Robert Mueller, acknowledging that the president did dictate an initial misleading statement on behalf of Trump Jr. about the premise of the Trump Tower meeting. A follow-up statement for Trump Jr. provided a fuller account of the lead-up to the meeting, explaining that it was predicated on the promise of damaging information on Clinton, but that no such dirt was given and instead the meeting quickly turned to the adoption of Russian children. [ Source: Washington Examiner (Read More…) ]

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