US, Afghan forces battle Taliban in Ghazni

(Worthy News) – Although the Taliban overran a base in northern Afghanistan, and Afghan forces were battling insurgents for a fifth day in the eastern city of Ghazni on Tuesday, the U.S. military reported that the city “remains under Afghan government control.”

“What we observed as these Afghan-led operations drove a large portion of Taliban from the city over the last day or so, was the retreating Taliban attacking the more vulnerable surrounding districts, which Afghan forces are reinforcing,” Lt. Col. Martin L. O’Donnell, a U.S. Forces-Afghanistan spokesman, told Fox News. “That said, some Taliban forces remain in the city. These insurgent forces do not pose a threat to the city’s collapse.”

The U.S. and NATO formally concluded their combat mission in Afghanistan at the end of 2014, but since have come to the aid of Afghan forces as they struggle to combat the resurgent Taliban. [ Source: Fox News (Read More…) ]

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