US jets fire warning flares as Russian planes enters Syria buffer zone

(Worthy News) – Two US fighter jets on Wednesday fired warning flares after two Russian jets entered a buffer zone intended to keep Russian and US-led coalition forces operating over Syria apart.

After crossing the so-called “de-confliction line,” the Russian Su-25s “were promptly intercepted by two F-22A Raptors providing air cover for partner ground forces conducting operations to defeat ISIS,” Air Forces Central Command spokesman Lt. Col. Damien Pickart told CNN.

“The F-22s conducted multiple maneuvers to persuade the Su-25s to depart our de-conflicted airspace, including the release of chaff and flares in close proximity to the Russian aircraft and placing multiple calls on the emergency channel to convey to the Russian pilots that they needed to depart the area,” he said. [ Source: Times of Israel (Read More…) ]