Israel to require “Green Pass” proof of COVID-19 vaccine for access to many places

Israel announced Monday that its citizens will have to show a “green pass” – proof they have been vaccinated against COVID-19, or have recovered from the virus – in order to enter many public spaces, the Times of Israel reports. The announcement was made as Israel begins to reopen after severe lockdown measures were imposed to slow the high virus infection rate.

Rocket Attack in Iraq Kills 1, Wounds 5

A rocket attack late Monday near the Irbil airport and a nearby base housing U.S. troops killed one foreign civilian contractor and injured at least five other people, the U.S. coalition and officials in the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region in Iraq said.

China Used Secret Microchip to Spy on US Computers

China’s exploitation of products made by Supermicro, as the U.S. company is known, has been under federal scrutiny for much of the past decade, according to 14 former law enforcement and intelligence officials familiar with the matter.