Salvation army mobilized to help Americans in massive storm

As 150 million Americans are placed under severe winter warnings, the Salvation Army (SA), an international Christian humanitarian aid organization, has been preparing to help those struggling in the massive deadly storm that continues to batter huge swathes of the US.

Israel asks Russia for humanitarian help in Syria

According to multiple media outlets, Israel has asked for Russia’s help with a humanitarian issue in Syria, the Jerusalem Post reports. The request for assistance was reportedly made during an urgent ZOOM call between cabinet ministers on Tuesday evening; the subject of the meeting has been kept secret.

Locksmith Service – A Complete Guide

Have you ever fallen into a situation where you do not know where you have kept your home key or your car keys? Everyone has faced a situation like this. In the present day, we have become so busy that we tend to misplace or lose things very often. But losing or misplacing items like your door keys or your car keys can be very difficult. In situations like this you the only person you can think of is a locksmith.


A locksmith is a person now who can make new locks and keys and even repair them. These people take measurements of your existing lock and make a key for you that will open the lock. Locksmithing is an ancient tradition also known as science now. Locksmithing is not as easy as it sounds. To become a locksmith you would require a training certificate by the employer, in few cases a full diploma from an engineering college.


Locksmith Service


The job of a locksmith is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work in making and repairing keys and locks. The locksmith service generally has three categories.


Automotive Locksmith


An automotive Locksmith service refers to all types of locksmith services that involve an auto-locking system or that are related to any machine, car, or automobile. Automotive Locksmith repairs and makes locks and keys for automobiles only and can help you if you lose your car keys or get locked inside your car. Here are a few automotive locksmith services.


  • Replacement of Car Keys
  • Cutting of Car Keys
  • Lockout Service for Cars
  • Duplication of Car Keys
  • Transponder Key for Cars
  • Extraction of Car Keys
  • Repairing or Replacing Ignition


Commercial Locksmith


Commercial locksmiths are those people who deal with commercial locks like grade locks which are generally used in offices. These people can help you repair or make new locks and keys for any commercial or corporate office building. They can also help with installing fingerprint locks with sensors that will mark your leaving time and arrival time and record it.


  • lockout Service For Office
  • Lockout Service for Commercial Safe
  • Installation of Commercial Door Locks
  • Repairing of Commercial Door Locks
  • Extraction of Commercial Door Locks


Residential Locksmith


Residential Locksmith service is that service that will deal with all the locks and key problems related to a residential property. These locksmiths will help you make your home keys or replace damaged ones. A residential locksmith is a person you are required to contact if your home safe is in a lockout situation.



  • Changing Door Locks
  • Installing New Keys
  • Lockout Service for House
  • Rekeying of Locks
  • Repairing Damaged Home Locks
  • Installation of Smart Keys
  • Extraction of Broken Keys
  • Repairing Residential Safes
  • Lockout Service for Safe



A locksmithing criterion for Oklahoma City is a little different. A locksmith in Oklahoma City would make sure that he or she is not convicted of any felony and should be registering for the locksmith, alarm, and Fire Sprinkler Program in the Oklahoma Department of Labour. The requirement of a locksmith is very uncertain. You may get locked in your car today or just break your door key while opening the lock. It is always better to know the nearest locksmith so that you can get the necessary help as soon as possible without any further trouble.


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