Facebook blocks Australians from sharing news in row over purchasing content

In a surprise retaliatory move, Facebook blocked Australians from sharing news stories after the country’s House of Representatives passed legislation that would require the social media giant to pay for Australian news content, the Washington Times reports. The proposed legislation has yet to be passed in the Australian Senate.

Weekly jobless claims rose to 861,000 last week, up from week before

The US Labor Department announced Thursday that the number of first-time jobless claims increased to 861,000 for the week ending Feb 13, around 13,000 more than the prior week, Just the News reports. The number of claims for last week reflects the global economy that continues to struggle under the impact of COVID-19.

Israel and US developing Arrow 4 anti-ballistic missiles

Amid tensions with Iran and the ongoing volatility of the Middle East, Israel and the US are developing the Arrow 4 upgraded generation of anti-ballistic missiles that are central to Israel’s defense system, the Times of Israel reports. The Arrow 4 generation is expected to replace the Arrow 2 ballistic missiles in the next 10 years.