Survey: Majority of Biden voters do not believe God is all-powerful Creator

A survey published last week reveals that 63% of Biden voters do not believe “God is the “all-powerful, all-knowing, perfect and just creator,” although a majority identify as Christian, the Christian Post reports. The finding was made in the 2020 Post-Election Survey conducted by The Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University.

Reported attack on youth leader highlights continued vulnerability of Christians in Sudan

Earlier this month a Christian youth leader in Sudan was reportedly detained and beaten by suspected national security forces because he spoke out against the January 3 burning of a church building, Morning Star News reports. The case highlights the continued vulnerability of Christians at a time of national transition from the brutal regime of Islamic dictator Omar al-Bashir (who was ousted in 2019) toward a government that seeks to root out long-term corruption and end religious intolerance in the country.

Top 4 Benefits Offered By Retirement Communities in Long Island

It might be the fact that you are planning to get retired soon. Deciding to stay in your present residence or shift to a retirement community is definitely a significant question to which you should give plenty of thought, planning, and research. However, one cannot deny that living in a retirement community will be ideal for your lifestyle in the long run. In this article, we have mentioned the top benefits provided by a Long Island retirement community.

  1. Encourages a lifestyle which is low-maintenance

While residing in one’s residence, one needs to perform some tedious day to day activities including washing clothes and shoveling the snow. However, one does not need to perform all these chores in a retirement community since they will be doing them on your behalf. Apart from this, a safe environment is provided by senior housing facilities where residents will be able to lead a healthy lifestyle. In fact, a typical retirement community will be providing facilities such as tennis courts, theater rooms, walking paths, fitness centers, spas, and massage rooms, swimming pools, and so on.

  1. Provides personal care options

It becomes somewhat difficult to perform daily chores once we start to become old. Activities such as lawn care and housekeeping can become a burden to the elderly people as well as their families. However, a Long Island retirement community will be taking care of all these which will help the seniors to lead a good life. Certified nursing assistants are also offered by many communities 24 hours a day for supporting those who are in need of care on a regular basis. Staff members have also been trained properly to aid the residents in bathing, dressing, eating, and so forth. Besides this, wellness aids will also help the seniors to remember taking medications on time.

  1. Ensures safety

Although personal care might not be required by many seniors, there is always a possibility for accidents to happen. Injuries, as well as falls, might take place, and in case you are living alone, you might feel intimidated at the thought of not receiving assistance on time. Fortunately, alert systems are provided by many retirement communities in every single apartment home for maintaining safety and security in the best possible way. Apart from this, one will also come across around-the-clock nursing care for the residents which will help to make sure that their medical requirements are always fulfilled.

  1. Offers transportation services

It is a fact that driving can become quite unsafe for elderly people at present. However, dependable transportation is offered by most of the retirement communities for the residents to nearby restaurants, shopping areas, and various events. There is no need to be concerned about washing your vehicle or scheduling a component replacement. Transportation services will allow seniors to get around the town easily and conveniently.


It is imperative to take into consideration all the benefits offered by retirement communities in Long Island before taking a decision on where to spend your retired life. Let us hope that this above-mentioned article will help you to do so.

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DHS warns ICE to ‘Prepare for border surges now’

The Biden team is talking a tough game on new illegal immigration, but behind the scenes it’s making frantic efforts to get ready for what it expects to be massive “border surges” of migrants streaming north over the next months, according to an internal Homeland Security Department email.