Israel has identified ship that caused oil spill

Israel has identified the ship that recently caused a massive Mediterranean oil spill that has been described as the worst environmental disaster to affect Israeli beaches in decades, the Times of Israel reports. No details about the ship were given.

Eritrea releases Christian prisoners but is accused of attacking churches

Eritrea has released a further 21 Christian prisoners, but Eritrean forces are accused of attacking churches in neighboring Ethiopia, Christian Today reported Tuesday. Despite these accusations, rights advocates believe the Eritrean release of Christian prisoners may constitute an effort to seek favor with Ethiopia’s Protestant prime minister: Eritrea has freed a total of 171 Christian prisoners since August last year.

Airbase hosting U.S. troops targeted in rocket attack

American civilian contractor, who has not been named, died of a ‘cardiac episode’ Wednesday after a barrage of rockets hit an Iraqi airbase hosting US troops, the Washington Times reports. At least 10 rockets were reportedly fired on the Ain al-Asad military airbase at 7.20 local time; no US troops were injured.