Iranian hacker group targeted Israel and US in 2020

A new report shows that an Iranian hacker group known as TA453, or “Phosphorus,” conducted cyber attacks on 25 senior Israeli and American medical researchers in genetics, neurology, and oncology in 2020, Jerusalem Online reported Thursday. In its report, cybersecurity firm Proofpoint cited outside sources in connecting “Phosphorus” to the Iranian regime and its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Ancient Temple-tax coin found in Jerusalem

Israeli archaeologists in Jerusalem have unearthed a rare Tyre shekel coin that is believed to have been used by Jewish pilgrims to pay the Passover Temple tax during the Second Temple era, All Israel News reports. The discovery was made in the course of extensive conservation work on an ancient citadel known as the Tower of David in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Israel conducts successful trials on upgraded Iron Dome

In what has been described as the latest step in the Middle East arms race, Israel’s Defense Ministry announced last month that it has conducted a series of successful trials on an upgraded version of the Iron Dome air defense system, the Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) reports.

Bennet to meet with Netanyahu and Lapid

Chairman of right-wing Yamina party Naftali Bennett will have meetings with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and with Opposition Leader Yair Lapid this weekend, Ynet News reports. The scheduled meetings follow a week in which Bennet declined to indicate who he would recommend to President Reuven Rivlin to form Israel’s next government.