Myanmar Christians fear for their lives following coup

Afraid for their lives in the wake of the February coup, some Myanmar Christians have fled their homes to hide and live in the jungle, Christian Today reports. The Myanmar military junta has now taken to raiding churches, as well as homes, offices, and businesses.

ISIS execute Coptic Christian in Egypt

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has published a video showing their execution of 62-year-old Coptic Christian Nabil Habshi, who was abducted by the terror group in Egypt in November last year, International Christian Concern reports. The video was published on April 17, and the family believes the killing took place in March or early this month.

Another historic church plundered in Turkey

Another historic church was recently looted by treasure hunters in Turkey, International Christian Concern reported Saturday. The Byzantine-era Greek church in the north-coastal city of Samsun is just the latest in a growing long list of foreign religious sites that have been plundered and vandalized in Turkey.

Netanyahu gives up on forming a government

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is no longer seeking a government that relies on the outside support of the Ra’am Party (United Arab List), he said Tuesday at a press conference in the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem.