Nigeria Christian Persecution Crisis: Almost 1500 Christians slaughtered, 2200 abducted, by Islamic Jihadists in first third of 2021

The large-scale, years-long onslaught of killing and kidnapping of Christians in Nigeria by Muslim extremists continues unabated and under-reported: a further 1470 Christians were murdered, and 2200 abducted, by Islamic Jihadists in the first four months of 2021 alone, the Intersociety for Civil Liberty and Rule of Law has attested in a new report. This time last year, the Nigerian Voice reported that Islamic militants had butchered 32,000 Christians since 2009; that number is now much higher.

Iran Christians attend meetings to prepare for prosecution

Christian converts and evangelists in Iran attend ‘persecution preparedness’ meetings to share practical and psychological ways of coping with the threat of government raids on underground churches and the prospect of being jailed in notoriously appalling prisons on the grounds of ‘national security,’ Open Doors UK reports.

Pakistan: Mob of 200 Muslims attack Christian community in Punjab province

On May 15, a mob of over 200 Muslims attacked a Christian community in the Chak 5 village of Pakistan’s Punjab province, ransacking homes and seriously injuring eight people, International Christian Concern reports. Pakistan ranks 5 on the US Open Doors watch list of countries that persecute Christians; the persecution level in the country has been rated as “extreme.”

German court upholds ban on prayer vigil outside abortion advice center

A German has court has upheld a municipality ban on prayer vigils held in front of a pre-abortion advisory center, Catholic World reports. On May 14 the Karlsruhe Administrative Court dismissed a challenge to the ban by Pavica Vojnović, who had organized bi-annual prayer vigils outside the Pro Familia advice center, an International Planned Parenthood associate in Pforzheim, southwest Germany.

Four Christians beheaded in Indonesia; “please pray”

Four Christian men were beheaded in Indonesia earlier this month, in what is believed to have been an attack by East Indonesia Mujahidin (MIT) Islamic terrorists, Christian Today reports. The horrifying attack was carried out just six months after four Christians were murdered at a Salvation Army outpost in Sigi, Central Sulawesi.