U.S. government found no evidence UFOs were alien vehicles: report

U.S. intelligence officials have not uncovered evidence that unidentified aerial phenomena encountered by Navy pilots are alien vehicles, but they are not able to explain the abnormal movements that have confounded scientists and the military, according to administration officials briefed about the findings of a government report.

Burmese military attacks two churches within a week, four refugees killed

The Burmese army attacked two churches in one week in Kayah State, Myanmar, killing four and wounding eight refugees who were sheltering in one of the church’s buildings, International Christian Concern reports. The attacks came amid intense fighting between the military and local resistance groups in the wake of the February 1 coup.

US spy agencies investigating if Putin knew about Russian cyber-attacks on Western targets

by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent (Worthy News) – US intelligence officials are working to understand whether Russia’s President Vladimir Putin was aware of recent Russian cyberattacks on Western targets, Just the News reports. Some commentators have speculated the attacks were orchestrated by Putin to test US President Joe Biden’s resolve in dealing with Russia. According to Just the News, a new hack was uncovered Sunday, this time against the Brazil-based JBS meat producer in Australia. This followed last month’s hack into the US-based Colonial Pipeline. Both of the most recent hacks were traceable to Russia, although not specifically to … Read more