Israel says Gaza AP building housed Hamas anti-Iron Dome tech unit

Israel’s Ambassador to the UN and US Gilad Erdan has told Associated Press President Gary Pruitt that the building in which the news agency had its Gaza bureau was destroyed in Israeli strikes last month because that edifice housed a tech unit from which Hamas was working to jam the IDF’s Iron Dome defense system, the Jerusalem Post reports. Following an advanced warning from the IDF, the building was evacuated before it was bombed during May’s 11 days of fighting between Israel and Hamas.

Deutsche Bank warns rising inflation could lead to worldwide financial distress

Sharply contradicting the consensus on Wall Street, Deutsche Bank has warned that ongoing US Federal Reserve neglect of rising inflation in favor of social goals could leave global economies “sitting on a time bomb,” and cause worldwide financial distress, CNBC reports. The Bank’s forecast goes against the view of most Wall Street economists that current inflation pressures are temporary and will subside as pandemic-related conditions are resolved.

Pastor Among 55 Killed In Congo

Christians in eastern Congo are among those in shock after Islamist militants killed 55 people, including an Anglican pastor, several sources confirmed.