Texas doctor sued for violating state’s new “heartbeat” law

In what will be a test case to assess the legality of Texas’ new law banning abortion after six weeks, a doctor in San Antonio has become the first person to be sued for violating the legislation, the Guardian reports. After publicly stating he had violated the law by carrying out a first-trimester abortion on September 6, Dr. Alan Braid received notification he is being sued by two former lawyers in Arkansas and Illinois respectively.

Al-Shabab suicide bomber kills 11 in Somalia; Christians in danger

A suicide bomber from Al-Shabaab, a terror group affiliated with Al-Qaeda, killed at least 11 people in the Somalian capital city of Mogadishu on September 14, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports. Posing a major threat to Christians in Somalia, Al-Shabaab is a jihadist terror group whose goal is to overthrow the internationally-supported government and impose its violent brand of extremist Islam on the whole of Somalia.

Retirement Planning Companies – Everything You Need To Know

Retirement is like a long holiday. It is time to think and pay attention to yourself. It is the best time when you can invest time for yourself in doing things that you were unable to do when already on a working job like writing a novel or growing a backyard garden. But what is the most important work is planning for your retirement. Saving enough so you can have a good and secured retirement, where you do not have to worry about anything.


To have a secure and comfortable retirement, it is important to have some kind of financial support that will help you with all the funds when you retire. This is something the retirement planning companies can help you with. Retirement planning companies in Hingham can very well help with your entire retirement planning. Here is an article that will help you understand more about retirement planning companies.


Retirement Planning Company


We all know what Retirement is but what is retirement planning. Retirement planning is like the planning process to decide and plan on an individual’s retirement goals in terms of income and funds. Planning for retirement includes general things like planning and identifying the basic source of income, estimated calculations for the expenses, managing the risks and assets, and finally working on any saving program for retirement. The retirement planning companies know in this case and can help you inform and plan a good retirement with you and for you with all the requirements.


Responsibilities Of Retirement Planning Companies


Here are a few responsibilities of the retirement planning companies.


  • The most important responsibility is to figure out a budget. The company can help you figure out an average budget for your retirement. They will look into your current expenses and income and figure out an estimated budget for your retirement.


  • figuring out your basic spending needs at the time of retirement is Another very important responsibility of the retirement planning company. They will help you with having a very realistic expectation of your retirement needs. For example, they will figure out what things you may need on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis at the time of your retirement. This will be done keeping in mind your retirement age as well.


  • They will help you with the planning for an estate, assessing the risk tolerance, and will help you in calculating the after-tax returns.


  • Retirement plans are not static and can evolve over the years so the company will also help you with rebalancing your plans and update them according to your budget and needs.


Final Words


Retirement planning is not easy and it is common to not know things about how your retirement will be. In this case, these companies can help you with planning a good retirement for you. Retirement planning companies in Hingham, Massachusetts are great with their work and are ready to go that extra mile to help you with your planning. They are very helpful and can help you with every step while you plan for your amazing retirement.

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