Christian LGBT Conference Concerns Southern Baptist Leaders

(Worthy News) – Southern Baptist leaders have spoken out about this past weekend’s Revoice Conference for LGBT Christians. Many are concerned and ‘troubled’ by the conference, while others think it may bring about an important conversation.

The Revoice Conference, which met this past weekend in St. Louis, defines itself as “Supporting, encouraging, and empowering gay, lesbian, same-sex-attracted, and other LGBT Christians so they can flourish while observing the historic, Christian doctrine of marriage and sexuality.”

Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, said of Revoice:

“It is encouraging that they state their intention to hold to a biblical understanding of sexual behavior and to define the only appropriate expression of sexual behavior to be marriage as the union of a man and a woman,” the Baptist Press quotes, “‘But that said, it appears they’re trying to create a halfway house” between cultural norms and biblical morality “that is inherently unstable. There is no way that faithful Christians can celebrate an unbiblical sexual orientation and claim to be faithful to Scripture… The moment you begin identifying as an LGBTQ+ Christian, you’ve created an unstable identity.” Humans “have a pattern of sexual attraction, but for Christians, our ultimate identity must be in Christ.’” [ Source: Christian Headlines (Read More…) ]

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