More North Korean tests likely to come after launch of most sophisticated missile so far

(Worthy News) – North Korea fired what may be its most sophisticated ballistic missile ever Tuesday, flouting President Trump’s threats and international efforts to halt the rogue nation’s nuclear weapons program and kicking off what national security analysts say is likely the first in a surge of new tests from the regime of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in the coming months.

The missile was tested in the wake of a 12-day East Asian tour by Mr. Trump focused largely on the North Korean threat, and just days after a top-level Chinese emissary traveled to Pyongyang for four days of talks, the first by a senior Chinese diplomat in two years. The timing suggests U.S. hopes that Beijing would rein in its troublesome neighbor and trading partner are fading.

While Mr. Trump at the White House tersely vowed that he would “take care of” the increasing North Korean threat, regional analysts said tensions will likely grow through February, when South Korea hosts the Winter Olympics. Pyongyang may seek to disrupt the international event with either a nuclear or major missile test. [ Source: Washington Times (Read More…) ]