Netanyahu okayed US draft setting ’67 lines as start for talks

(Worthy News) – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was apparently prepared to accept a framework agreement drafted by US officials that set the pre-1967 lines as the basis for negotiations with the Palestinians, according to a report Wednesday.

Two drafts of a document meant to set the parameters for negotiations during US-brokered talks in early 2014 recognized Israel as a Jewish state, dropped the Palestinian demand for a “right of return” and set Jerusalem as the capital for both Israel and Palestine, according to Israeli daily Haaretz, which says it obtained copies of the drafts.

According to the report, which cites unnamed US officials from the Obama administration as well as Israeli officials, Netanyahu was amenable to a paragraph in a draft agreement from February 2014 that set pre-1967 borders as a starting point for talks, something to which he has never previously explicitly agreed. [ Source ]