Pro-Hezbollah Newspaper Warns Israelis to Expect ‘Rain of Rockets’

(Worthy News) – A leading article published in a Beirut newspaper known for its close ties to Hezbollah has stated baldly that the Lebanese Shia terrorist organization is now being deployed by its Iranian paymasters across the Middle East, warning that Israel can expect “the rain of rockets that will fall in the midst of summer.”

“In Syria, Hizbullah has become the ally of the Syrian army in waging its battles, while in Iraq Hizbullah’s experts are present in the biggest operations rooms,” wrote Ibrahim al-Amin, the editor-in-chief of the unofficial Hezbollah mouthpiece, Al-Akhbar.

Al-Amin asked whether “Israel can directly confront Hizbullah in Lebanon while it is fully aware that it doesn’t control what will happen the day after the beginning of hostilities.”

He continued: “Israel perfectly knows that all the drills and maneuvers undertaken to protect the domestic front will be of no use in controlling traffic in the area of Gush Dan [central coastal area of Israel] hours after the beginning of a total confrontation? Will the leaders of Israel be candid enough to tell their public what will be the fate of the electric grid, transportation networks, airports, sea ports, state headquarters and its infrastructure? Does the enemy really grasp ‘the rain of rockets’ that will fall in the midst of summer?” [ Source ]