Settler leaders mount tent protest outside PM’s house, demand security funding

(Worthy News) – Settler leaders launched a tent protest outside the Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem Tuesday, demanding that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately allocate funds for bypass roads and other security improvements for residents of the West Bank.

Joined by two chairmen of local settler councils as well as members of bereaved families who lost relatives in terror attacks on West Bank roads, Samaria Regional Council chairman Yossi Dagan called on Netanyahu to transfer the NIS 300 million ($85 million) that he had promised the settlers two years ago in the form of a security package.

“Mr. Prime Minister, you think that sourpusses exist only on the left. I regret to inform you that there are another half a million sourpusses in Judea and Samaria as well,” says Dagan, a reference to Netanyahu’s Monday speech opening the Knesset’s winter session, in which he labeled his opponents “sourpusses” (literally, “pickles”) for downplaying the country’s many successes. [ Source: Times of Israel (Read More…) ]