Tough trade talks ahead for EU’s Jean-Claude Juncker in Washington

(Worthy News) – European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is not shy when it comes to being friendly to people he needs to negotiate with. In Brussels, he is known for hugging, kissing and cuddling almost everyone if it serves the cause, namely a relaxed mood. It remains to be seen how US President Donald Trump will react to the Commission president’s body language during one-on-one talks in the Oval Office on Wednesday.

Trump has imposed punitive duties on steel and aluminum imports from the EU. The bloc responded with retaliatory duties on US goods. Both sides have filed complaints against each other with the World Trade Organization (WTO). Trump has been threatening customs duties on European cars for months, a move that could hit the German automotive industry particularly hard.

The president’s chief economic policy advisor expects Europeans to make an offer for tariff-free trade. “Jean-Claude Juncker is coming to Washington next week, possibly with a significant trade offer,” Larry Kudlow told CNBC last week. A few days later, the EU Commission announced that no offers were being put on the table in Washington. [ Source: Deutche Welle (Read More…) ]

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