U.S. warplanes shoot down Iranian-built drone in second strike against Syrian regime aircraft

(Worthy News) – For the second time this week, American warplanes downed an armed Syrian aircraft — this time an Iranian-built drone — threatening U.S.-backed forces battling the Islamic State terror group in the war-ravaged country.

Pentagon officials confirmed Tuesday that an Iranian-built Shaheed-129 aerial drone advancing on U.S. and coalition positions in southern Syria was destroyed by U.S. fighters. The drone had “dirty wings,” Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis said, using the military colloquialism for an aircraft carrying weapons.

The strike took place near the U.S. and coalition training camp near the Syrian city of At Tanf, which straddles the Iraqi, Syrian and Jordanian borders. It was near the U.S. special operations camp where a foreign drone fired on joint U.S.-Syrian patrol on June 8, which was the first direct attack against coalition forces by the regime in Damascus. [ Source ]