US ‘Can’t Allow’ Iranian IRGC Supply Lines Through Middle East, Sen. Tom Cotton Declares

(Worthy News) – A leading member of the Senate Armed Services Committee has warned that the danger posed by Iran towards Israel is only increasing as the Tehran regime extends its political influence and military footprint across the Middle East.

“It’s a very dangerous advance that Iran is making through northern Iraq and southern Syria,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) told a conference on counterterrorism organized by the Washington, DC-based Hudson Institute on Monday.

Cotton highlighted that Iran’s “aggression against Israel has become much more widespread.”

“For instance, Iran is now providing not just rockets, it’s helping to build precision-guided munitions factories in Syria, on the border with Lebanon, where Hezbollah can manufacture its own precision-guided munitions to use against Israel,” Cotton said. [ Source: Algemeiner (Read More…) ]