‘White Lives Matter’ rallies: Opponents outnumber white nationalists at Tennessee shout fests

(Worthy News) – Opponents outnumbered white nationalists Saturday in peaceful “White Lives Matter” rallies in Tennessee that were punctuated by taunts and chants from both sides.

In Shelbyville, the site of the first rally, some 200 white nationalists — met by nearly twice as many counter protesters — carried a Confederate flag and chanted for closed borders and deportations at a mid-morning gathering.

As Brian Culpepper of the National Socialist Movement took the microphone to speak, counter protesters played Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech over their own speaker system, largely drowning out Culpepper’s words.

At one point, counter protesters’ shouts of “Black Lives Matter” were met by white nationalist chants of “blood and soil.” [ Source: USA Today (Read More…) ]