How to Style Women’s Golf Polo Shirt

Women’s golf polo shirts are one of the basic clothing for summertime. Often women feel limited to the styling possibilities with them, but if you tried you can look sophisticated and super chic in women’s golf polo shirts.

So here are a few tips that you can follow to style women’s golf polo shirts.

Paring women’s golf polo shirts with a pair of shorts

Wearing shorts with women’s golf polo shirts looks very neat and stylish.  What you need to do is wear colours that match each other, for example, if you are wearing a black coloured women’s golf polo, white denim shorts looks will look great with it. You can also add a rope belt as a compliment and make your look unique.

Add a vintage bag

Another way to elevate the women’s golf polo top is by adding a fun vintage bag, something that has the same colours as your polo top.

Pairing with long skirts

If you want a little more sophisticated and a dressier look, you can pair the golf skirts women top with a vintage thrift wool skirt. This is kind of a prefall outfit idea. You can wear very a pair of heels to complete this look. This look gives a more retro vibe but also a dressier version so you can even wear this look to your office. You can close all the buttons and put the collar down for a more work-appropriate look.

Pairing with chic pair of white leg trousers

For this look, you can be accessorizing a bag and a pair of sunglasses. You can wear flat shoes to bring the best out of this look. If the colour of the shoes matches the colour of trousers. You will love the way the wide-leg pants look with a women’s golf polo top. For bringing out the best of this look you can tuck in your top and pop the collar with a cool belt hanging down.

Colour blocking

For this look, you can wear a lavender top and play with colour blocking. Colour blocking means wearing the colours that are opposite to each other in the colour wheel. Pairing these colours makes a very different and beautiful look. Lavender and red are some of the best colour pairings to pull off. You can wear a pair of pants with sandals to complete this look. You can also choose accessories like earnings that give complement to your outfit.

Pulling off your look with printed pants

You can put on a pair of printed pants with a womens golf clothes designer to bring out a very stylish and fun look. Printed pants look amazing with polos. You need to make sure that the colours in your printed pants match the colour of your polo top. To modernise this look you can add a small bag. You can also add jewellery as a signature to this look. This outfit is quite treading for a few years now, so might already be familiar with it.

These are some of the tips that you can follow to bring out great looks in your polo tops. If you still think that wearing polo is a very basic look, you must try these tips.

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Save Your Roof By Hiring Roofing Companies In Oklahoma City OK

If the roof of your house has undergone damage, it needs to be addressed. You have to bear in mind that roof repairs are not easy to execute as it requires an individual to understand the technicalities of the procedure. You can always try to do it by yourself, but you may end up making expensive mistakes. So, you must consider hiring professional roofing companies in Oklahoma City OK.

The Advantages Of Hiring Professional Roofing Companies

Here are some of the major advantages of getting professional help to maintain your roof. Want to know more? Have a look.


The good thing is that all reliable roofing companies give their customers a warranty once the job is complete. In case the company has made a mistake in repairing or installing, the corrective measure would be provided without any extra cost. Warranties are usually provided for a couple of years, but you may come across some companies that offer warranties that span more than 20 years.

Timely Completion of Work

If you have hired the service of a reliable roofing company then you can always expect them to complete the job within the promised deadline. Good companies employ experienced professionals who know how to use their expertise to provide the best results. They are also aware of the kind of effect sudden climatic changes can have on the process, so they design their operation accordingly.

They Use Good Quality Materials

The biggest benefit of hiring reliable ok roofing companies is that they use the best materials. They do not compromise and they strive to produce the best results for all their clients. So, the results are long-lasting, which means you will not have to spend extra on touch ups here and there.

Expect Attractive Discounts

Most roofing contractors offer good discounts to their clients which mean you can save a bit of money. They typically offer discounts on the cost of materials. This is yet another benefit that you should keep in mind.


Cost Saving

The roofing companies give you a price quote on the project after they take a look at your roof. This means they will work out a budget for you so you know exactly how much you need to spend so that you can be prepared. If you try to do it by yourself you may not be able to run a perfect estimate and end up spending more than expected.


If you have experience with roof repairs Oklahoma City or installation then it could be a risk for you. There is a high possibility that you may end up injuring yourself. So, this is when you must consider getting help from professional companies as they not only use safety measures, but they have the required level of experience.

So, these were the benefits of hiring roofing companies in Oklahoma City OK. These companies are well-equipped with technology and manpower to offer the best services to their clients so you can be assured of getting good value for your money.

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“It’s the Jews:” Arizona school board says nothing while woman launches anti-semitic tirade against vaccines

Jewish leaders in Arizona have expressed outrage that the Chandler Unified School District board said nothing during last week’s public meeting when a woman who spoke against vaccines and critical race theory then said, “it’s the Jews” who own “all the pharmaceutical companies” making money from vaccines that “aren’t safe, aren’t effective and aren’t free,” Jewish News of Greater Phoenix reports.