Incendiary balloons increasingly appear in central Israel

(Worthy News) – While in the Gaza border communities the Kite and balloon terrorism has continued for more than half a year, their range seems to be spreading to the center of the country as well. Recently the flammable objects were found in Rishon LeZion, Bat Yam, Givat Brenner, Modi’in and in the Jerusalem area.

One of the balloons was discovered in the yard of the home of Almog Peretz from Givat Ze’ev. “We got up in the morning and saw a balloon attached to a wire attached to a cigarette and a blue object — apparently explosives,” Peretz said. “We called the police and a sapper came and ordered us out of the house. The balloon could have ignited and burnt the whole yard.”

In the Shfela region, such occurrences have been going on for almost two weeks. Several incendiary balloons were found in the Modi’in region, and in the city of Modi’in itself. The same happened in Nof Ayalon, at Kibbutz Hafetz Haim, and the last incident occurred on Saturday at a parking lot in Givat Brenner. [ Source: Ynet News (Read More…) ]

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