Judge Orders Return of Confiscated Church Property in Sudan

(Worthy News) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that a Khartoum-based court has ordered the authorities to immediately surrender church property belonging to the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church (SPEC). Authorities confiscated the property on February 11, 2018 when the church was demolished.

“The presiding judge today ruled that we should receive back our furniture, Bibles, sound system, stationery, and other items although the demolition case is still pending determination,” said Reverend Yahiya Abdurrahman Nalu. “We see this as a great step towards justice which has remained elusive for a long time, and we hope they will deliver our items soon and in good shape.”

The church was demolished in February when government agents claimed that it was built on public land. “Our appeal is about why the government brought down the church building that was put up in 1989 on a piece of land sold to us by a local person. Other buildings lying in the same stretch as our church were spared during the demolishing because they belong to Muslims. It is this partial application of the rule of law that agitates us,” Reverend Yahiya expressed. [ Source: Persecution.Org (Read More…) ]

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