How Often Should I Opt For Car Wash?

Your car is surely one of the best investments. You need to make sure that you are taking proper care of that investment. Care includes regular maintenance and car wash. There is no doubt that there are many benefits of getting your car washed. It can keep the car fresh and new-like. Car wash can also improve the condition of your car and the performance of the engine too. Keeping your car clean and well-maintained is a necessity. But the main question that everyone asks is how often they should get their car washed. To know more about this read on.

How often should you wash the car?

You are not alone if you have this question in mind. Generally, everyone has the same query and today we will discuss about the same. Most of the time, the experts recommend to get your cars washed at least once in every two weeks. That is the general rule to ensure that the car is free of any dust, dirt, stains etc. Accumulation of the dirt and dust can lead to mold growth as well as the growth of germs and bacteria. This can slowly get into your car’s engine causing damages. Also, mold and bacteria growth in the car can lead to health issues for those who are inside the car.

This rule is applicable for summer as well as for winter. There is a general perception of people as they think that car cleaning is a summertime chore and it is not essential in the winter. But that is not the case at all. In fact, you need to wash the car more often during the winter season. Your car is exposed to sun, rain, snow, mud and dusts or dirt. Cleaning and conditioning is essential to ensure that the paint of the car remains intact as well as the interior of the car remains at the best quality. Also, car cleaning can lead to better performance of the car’s engine.

Factors determining the car wash frequency

Though the general rule of the car to get washed is once in two weeks, it depends a lot on different factors as well. You have to make sure that you know about these factors. The factors that affect the frequency of the car wash and detail in Edmond OK are:

Nature of daily drive: This includes the type of road you drive through. You need to check whether the terrain is rough and you have to cross muds or dusty roads etc.

Storage of the car: The next factor is the way the car is stored. If your car remains outside the garage or home, then it is more exposed to dirt, snow and rain.

Weather condition: Sometimes the weather condition is too a factor for the frequency of car wash. If your car is more exposed to rain and mud or dry dusty winds, you need more frequent car wash.

Final Words

Is it all clear to you about how frequently you need to get your car washed? Well, the car wash service in Norman OK can be a great opportunity for you to clean your car completely. This can help your car to be better and much more presentable.

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