Senior Living in Long Island – All You Need to Know

Various types of communities have been developed in Long Island for seniors and retirees above the age of 55 years to meet their needs. They have developed affordable apartments, condos, single homes, co-operative housing, master-planned communities, and manufactured homes for 55+ years, old seniors.

The reason behind the development of housing facilities for seniors in Long Island is that most of the residents in this area do not want to mow lawns and shovel snow. For this reason, they are selling their homes in which they were living for a long time. They can use this money to buy a new place to live in and their retirement savings can help in their survival.

Social facilities provided to seniors

Some of these seniors do not want to leave Long Island even if they want to move to warmer states. So, to accommodate such seniors with over 55 years of age several amenities have been developed on this island like parks, communities, libraries, water recreation, train service, and natural surroundings, etc.

Medical facilities provided to seniors

On Long Island, several medical facilities are also provided for the seniors to ensure their well being in a healthy environment. Some of the medical facilities provided in these living facilities may include:

Assisted Living: Many seniors having cognitive impairments may need different levels of care than others. An Assisted Living facility can help such people to live in a different environment when their loved ones are not there to care for them. Assisted Living can provide independent living facilities for seniors, who can take care of themselves, in the form of rooms or apartments. But living in the community of seniors can ensure their security and safety with the help of the amenities available there like availability of therapeutic activities, on-site medical technicians and nurses, transportation to entertainment and shopping venues, off-site and on-site social activities as well as preparation of meals, etc.

Dementia Care: Those who are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can be provided with special facilities in Assisted Living to meet their needs if they want an independent accommodation. In order to improve the quality of life of such people, they have to be monitored and helped differently as their medical and social requirements are different than other seniors.  The living centers in Long Island can be the right place for your senior loved ones to improve their motor skills and cognitive functions various types of activities are offered to encourage their social control.

Skilled care at home: The concept of Assisted Living does not mean just a commercial term. In these facilities, elderly people and seniors are provided extra care like in nursing homes by providing them skilled assisting staff at their homes to care for them every time.

So, the seniors over 55 years of age, who do not want to leave their homes in Long Island, can be accommodated in the housing facilities developed in this area to provide them additional care, social and medical. They can choose from the home care facilities available on this island to live in a safe and secure environment.

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