India’s Uttar Pradesh state: Hindu nationalists arrest 30 Christians in wave of persecution

Hindu nationalists in India’s Uttar Pradesh arrested at least 30 Christians in the last month, accusing them of forcing Hindus to convert to Christianity, International Christian Concern reports. Rights groups report that persecution against Christians and other non-Hindu religious groups in India has intensified substantially since the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came to power in 2014.

Netherlands Turmoil Over Return Islamic State Fighters (Worthy News In-Depth)

The Dutch are facing social and political unrest over the government’s decision to return at least some of the dozens of mainly female Islamic State group fighters and their 56 children from Syria to the Netherlands. The government views it as a humanitarian and legal obligation. Still, populist parties fear the radicalized returnees may threaten Dutch security.

Algeria Closing Several Churches

An Algerian pastor says authorities have sealed three more church buildings amid a government campaign to close down Christian places of worship in the Muslim-majority nation.