Facts to Know about Orthodontic Retainer Cost

An orthodontist recommends you a retainer depending on what kind of braces and why you need them. An orthodontist considers other dental conditions that you have before setting up a retainer. They are primarily two kinds of retainers-Permanent and removable ones. You may get either one of them or, at times, removable for the top line of teeth while a permanent retainer for the bottom line of teeth.

What is an orthodontist retainer?

An orthodontist retainer, as the name suggests, retains your teeth in straight line post teeth straightening with braces. This is essential to maintain the new teeth slots to get permanent. It is considered that teeth may shift back once the braces are removed and will take a minimum of 4-6 months to become stable or permanent. This is also referred to as a relapse. A retainer avoids the relapse of teeth.

Why go for a retainer?

The key features of a retainer are:

  • They last for a year to 20 years.
  • There are no instructions required to put them on.
  • They aren’t visible
  • You can talk with them in place
  • They don’t misplace easily or lost
  • They cannot be damaged so easily
  • They are durable and flexible
  • You can adjust them according to your dental line
  • You can select personalized retainers or plastic colors.
  • They do not stain very easily
  • They are easily removable for an oral clean up and eating if the retainer is of removable type. For permanent ones, you cannot remove them.
  • They are thin and comfortable.
  • You can make multiple retainers of the same type

Orthodontic retainer cost

Factors on which retainer costs are based are:

  • The location of your dental clinic.
  • You require dental work.
  • Insurance coverage by your insurance.
  • Costs of repair or replacements are covered or not.
  • A removable or permanent retainer
  • Brand of the retainer
  • Others

Retainer costs

Removable retainers

These retainers fall into two categories- called wire retainers and clear retainers.

Wire retainers-These retainers are made of plastic or thin metallic wire or acrylic that fits the mouth roof or inside of the lower teeth. To sustain alignment, the metallic wire operates across the teeth from outside.

The primary advantages of wire retainers are:

  • Adjustable for the right fit and later realignment.
  • It is more durable as compared to a clear plastic-type of retainer.
  • They can be repaired when broken.
  • Lasts over the years with appropriate care.
  • Lower and upper teeth align and touch naturally.

Wire retainer average costs- These retainers costs around 150-340 dollars on average.

Clear plastic Orthodontist retainer

Also referred to as molded retainers, they have the following benefits:

  • Invisible to others
  • Less bulky
  • More comfortable
  • Lesser impact on speech

Average costs- These retainers costs around 100-285 dollars on an average for each tray- lower or upper.

Permanent retainers

A braided wire or a solid shape is fit to the straightened teeth. The wire is placed inside and cemented on your front side of the teeth. This prevents teeth from moving. They are used on your lower teeth primarily. Bonded, lingual wire or fixed retainers are other names and can be removed only by an orthodontist.


  • Not visible
  • Need not be removed.
  • No impact on your speech.
  • No loosing or misplacing

Average retainer costs– 225-550 dollars on an average.


An orthodontist retainer cost depends on the above factors mentioned and on the type of retainer. Get the best fit, comfortable and durable ones worth the money spent to make it convenient to wear.

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